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In a competitive world, finding advantages and opportunities comes through connections.

Connecting information with action,
need with talent and the right people.

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At Limestone Group we connect the necessary dots to give your business that competitive advantage that everyone is looking for.

In addition to our experience and skills, we support decisions based on your company's data to establish what the next step is.

We develop an action plan and support you in the execution to meet your goals.

What is your situation?

What we offer?

We create the necessary systems for your company to connect the behavior of its customers with crucial decisions for business growth.

We develop opportunities, new or existing, using data and insights from your company and the market.

We connect local talent with international opportunity. 
We connect your goals with reality now.
Come and connect with us.

We review the relevance of the company's business model and support the updating and implementation of these models.

At Limestone Group we connect, you stand out.


We connect all strategic, legal, operational and administrative elements to help foreign companies establish themselves effectively and without complications in Panama.

We are a right-hand man with experience in direction and management to help you meet specific objectives inside and outside your company in a specific time, connecting everyone involved.


How can we help you

grow your business?


We create the necessary systems for your company to connect the behavior of its customers with crucial decisions for business growth.

OMC Group


The decision to work with Jaime and Limestone is based on total and complete confidence in their ability to execute. Has interpersonal skills that allow project coordination, even in complex environments. This complements your ability to work under pressure and problem-solving abilities. The additional benefit of having you interact with our team is the transfer of knowledge, being able to transmit complex concepts in a very simple way, adapting the language as required. In short, a good combination of flexibility and direction to achieve the objectives set.

Analida Teran
VP Finance & Administration of OMC Group - Panama


La Plata, S.A.


I have the information on each of the tenders in the Argentine Republic first thing in the day in my email. This allows me to pre-select the works and then forward them to the company's managers for their fine selection.

Mirta Mangas
Responsible for the Bidding area Construcciones La Plata S.A - Argentina

CEVA Animal Health


Since Ceva Salud Animal decided to settle in Panama to serve the region of Central America and the Caribbean, it was key to be able to count on the services of Limestone. 

When you settle in a country that does not know the crazy bureaucracy, it is really difficult to be able to advance in such diverse issues as opening bank accounts, residency issues and even managing a lease for the company car. 

It was vital to have the permanent support and personalized attention of the Limestone team so that we didn't have to worry about all these procedures and could focus on our business.

Federico Malacalza
CEVA Animal Health

BU Manager Central America

& Caribbean - Mexico

Bascro Group, SRL


I can view the day's billing by product and sales channel daily on my dashboards, as well as knowing precisely my merchandise replacement point to never go out of stock.

Damian Kalcic
 General Manager Grupo Bascro SRL – Company of
E-Commerce  - Argentina

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