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As business managers, sometimes time, dedication and attention fall short of everything that needs to be attended to. 


There are pending projects and tasks that are important for the growth of the company, but day-to-day priorities absorb and delay their execution.


Having a right hand with administrative and operational experience connected to the needs of the organization, who helps you organize priorities and action plans, would be a support during key and stressful periods.

The Interim Manager service, also known as Management as a Service, consists of providing our support, with our experience in direction and management, to carry out a specific executive mission, with defined objectives and times.

It is an immediate and external hiring, for limited time or functions, without payroll positions.

We analyze your company's insights to implement efficiencies in technological, financial and organizational processes and its business units.

How does it work?

We design a strategy, train your staff and execute the changes to measure results as soon as possible.

It is recommended for:

Development of new businesses and/or markets

Temporary replacement of a management position

Professionalization of a start up

Managing a major organizational change

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